Who We are?

Our Mission

ABZ Refurbishment LTD is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

We offering a friendly service with multiple visiting if required, free no obligation quote.

We offering solid wood entrance doors from 70mm to 88mm thick, double or triple glazed, 5 point security lock, 3D hinges, German technology double rebate for best insulation, any pattern you seen online or make a picture of something you like, we can match it.

Traditional sliding sash and case windows. In Victorian and Georgian style with single or double glazing, and a range of ironmongery options. Can be made with the sashes counterbalanced by either traditional cords and weights, or easy-lift balances.

Double swing Sash and case look-alike windows. Our fully reversible set up makes the window to fully rotate for you to be able to clean on the outside, both top and bottom sash can be easily cleaned and maintained safely from inside, while it keeps the appearance of the traditional sash and case window 

All of our windows and doors made to the highest standard, covered by our guarantee. Type of wood weather is hard or soft wood we work with engineered wood sections to make sure our products as stable as possible to prevent twisting. We all know the most important method for long lasting timber is painting. As we can supply unfinished windows and doors, there is many finishes to choose from like painted, lacquered, stained to any colour and shade. We using unique 4 step painting technology supplied by one of the best Italian paint manufacturer.

Bespoke Kitchens, Furniture, Staircase

It is a real passion for us to make something really nice like your new kitchen or fitted wardrobe. It can be challenging however, the end result speaks for itself. With many happy costumers behind us we can provide great service, design, or work with your existing design and ideas. We are happy to work with any type of wood like most common Oak, Southern yellow pine, Scandinavian pine, Sapele-Mahogany, Canadian-cedar and many more. Please check out our Gallery for references 

We also specialise in sash and case window restoration: 

that range from windowsill replacement to glass replacement with general overhauling and draught proofing. We aim to bring your sash windows up to modern standards of comfort whilst maintaining their original look.

Double Glazing for your sash and case windows We can provide you with a comprehensive double glazing solution to reduce volume. Not all sash windows are suitable for double-glazing, but the majority can handle a double glazed window. With double-glazing installed any noise outside will be considerably reduced. Double-glazing also helps reduce heat loss and improve heating bills.

Draught proofing

Our draught proofing system is offer you the benefit of:

  • reduction in heat loss
  • eradicating rattles
  • minimising dust ingress
  • external noise reduction

Wooden shuters

Have you checked your wooden shuters? Are they stuck or not working properly?

NO PROBLEM we can fix it….

Keep your nice original wooden shutters, we offering a full refurbishment service to make them work properly.

Our Core Values

We specialise in bespoke joinery and carpentry. We have many years of experience manufacturing bespoke solid wood kitchens, special bespoke staircase, bespoke furniture, fitted wardrobes, bespoke entrance doors and windows from castle door to decorative solid wood roof peak.